Hi there! I’m Katie, an artist living in Cincinnati, Ohio with my husband, Luke, and poodle, Margot. While studying photography and journalism at the University of Georgia, I often found myself seeking that which made a photograph artistic, rather than news-worthy (sorry, Professor Johnson!). A self-taught painter that’s dabbled in various artistic mediums, such as pottery, jewelry making, and drawing, I am drawn to colors and patterns I find interesting in daily life. What I convey in my artwork is really just a lot of me, as I try to paint things I would want in my own home through mixing vintage and modern styles.

As a Southerner living in the Midwest, I currently find myself inspired by the nostalgia I feel for Southern culture. All of the South’s vibrancy becomes romanticized in my work through bright, bold colors and patterns. I hope people pause and look twice when seeing my pieces in the home.

Thank you for being here and for your support!